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Friday, June 23, 2006
  I have moved

Im now publicing my selfish bullshit at
Friday, May 26, 2006
  Ebay - what way ?
One of my favorite blogs is badmouthing Ebay - I think to conclusive - but u seldomly see smoke without a fire ?
  Vonage Shoot in both knees
Vonage stock offer went SO DOWN TODAY - I think because Skype to SkypeOut free in US - here is a blogger who talks my kind of language (Andy Kessler)
This is a classic high stakes Wall Street sucker punch...F-ing brilliant. I’d like to shake the hand of the person that thought this out. Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and UBS now have to work a lot harder to sell this deal. Boo-hoo.
Thursday, May 25, 2006
  Ibiza Design Villas

My very close friend Lars who has some very nice designerish houses on Ibiza - is now also doing some very interesting new hotel projects - with the people who has this fantastic hotel in Marokko. This island is getting hot as a finnish sauna ;) - even tough still very few people know - proof: all villas has been rented for the full summer since decemeber :)
  Interesting site
I never think I will understand wine - and be that wellknowing old guy who recommends on year and grape... But since I do consume enourmous ammounts of wine - it would be nice to learn a bit - and this migth be the way.
Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Some days ago 35mio US veterans got their identity leaked by some government arm. And when I use some new webservices they have an IMPORT FUNCTION - to import all addresses from YahooMail, Gmail... I can see this ID Theft going ballistic the next coming years.. DAMN It stupid.

So when I turn 65 my grandchildren will ask me: "So Granny how was life back then with Secure Identity and no obesity ?".
  Southern France (new)
I really like Southern France Nice - only one major problem. Too many rich 45+ people - who have nothing to do but putting their bad taste and boredom into the beautifull area.
Friday, May 19, 2006
  Linked in looking down at me :(

I can never get a 100% profile at LinkedIn sinec I have no education ;)
  Journalist and Primeminister

My absolute favorite Danish journalist (and entrepanuer and author and artcollector) with our primeminister. These guys have a very strange and very close relationship - where they use and abuse eachother in something like a Spin game - with a huge touch of humor.
Wednesday, May 17, 2006
  BullGuard Opening (Copenhagen)

Feel free to drop by - and enjoy the new swanky offices.

Njalsgade 21E, 2nd floor
2300 Copenhagen S
  NYC updated
There are already open WIFI all over - but this initiative is COOL - Wifi in parks

Originally uploaded by lensjockey.
I must say that NYC is something special. This town just goes directly in your system. Martin and I went here for a couple of extremely interesting meetings / DAMN thing are rocking these days.

*Just trying out the flikcr blog feature.
  Integration Aquisitions
Google is integrating all their services to ONE LOGIN, today I was meet with a MERGE ACCOUNTS SCREEN when I visited Orkut, first time this year. And Google had done a VERY smoth integration / same thing happened at Flick where I got the chance to merge my Yahoo account/login - also a VERY NICE JOB. Hurray.
Tuesday, May 16, 2006
  Maxthon going to next level
aThis is good ;)
Saturday, May 13, 2006
Fantastic to see how a 3 year old after 20 sec. understands how to operate an electric car

  Linus playing outside
The sun is out in Denmark and Linus used yesterday to explore sand and dust road. Posted by Picasa
Friday, May 12, 2006
  Ohh my God
I had a fantastic conversation the other day - about religion, politics, money as religion and all the stuff that is nearly to dangerous to touch these days. And I have to say that Im rally in extreme doubts about these questions. I would love to be the kind of dude who just has an opinion - but Im really changing my mind oftenly. But I would like:
* to make religions be VERY EVERYTHING to its users - but without being defined by hitting a something else...
* to make money/materialism become less of a religion
* to get marketing out of the game as a religion
* to find some cure for the 2,4bio people who go to bed hungry daily

Im getting afraid of just being a happy go lucky greedy materilistic fuck - who will do no change (or have tried to) in this life.

Looking at what I just wrote - I see the problem: It sounds patetic, naiv and stupid to have such goals. Darn!
Thursday, May 11, 2006
Ii must say that I respect the Red Herring team and organisation very much / for their way of keeping a high standard at the endless stream of conferences. RESPECT! And for the networking these conferences are GOOD+. Only minus is the crazy price.
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
I fucking love Paris - all doors are huge and beautifull, the waiters are rude like hell (prefer that over SugarSweetBudSucking US waiters) - and then they have Collete the only store in the world that can make me go shopping.
Sunday, May 07, 2006
  Small [4] countries

Its VERY nice to go to Iceland - everyone know eachother (the separation of 6 degrees is down to 2) and when my wife forgot her driving lisence - she just called the police station - and they faxed a copy to HErtz so we could rent a car. NEAR/CLOSE/UNITED is good for the soul - it made me happy to see a socierty where people care for eachother - and bureukrats act like thay care (maybe because everyone very like could be a friends friend).
  Small Flat countries [2]
Its strange to be from a flat country - when I fly over at maountain chain - I get "stressed on behalf of the country" thinking about how hard it is to build infra structure - compared to a country with the highest point being 123meter (Denmark).
  Small countries [3]- big impact
Quite som BIG social and political thinkers go to Iceland to pratice their ideas - since the IMPLEMEENTATION- and INCABATIONTIME is so low that change is actually possible within a lifetime ;)
  Small coutnrties and Branding
300.000 People inIcelandhas more brandshare then any city I can remember with 300.000 people. So small seems to work VERY well in branding as well - there must be 10.000 cities in the world with more then 300.000 inhabitants - and NO ONE KNOWS THE THOSE CITIES.
Thursday, May 04, 2006
  Sex is SUPER FACINATION (1+1=3)

Suddenly I understood why sex is so endlessly facinationg (and nice). The ourcome is the only way I see that makes 1+1=3. ENDLESSLY INTERESTING

PS.Imagine how much power, money and energi the business&research-world is putting ino making 1+1=2,01 ;) - that migth save our energi problem. (my brain is a little strange today)
  AirPort Security
Today in Copenhagen Airport an old lady had hear 1960ís razor taken from her (strangely she had a 50% of small bird) in the security checkin - she was very sorry to loose it - very. Then my plane was delayed - and I went to the restaurant where the chef has HUGE KNIFES (I could easyly get under my coat) in th open kitchen and I get for and knife for my steak (and could VERY EASY take the MURDER WEAPONS :) in my pocket). Daaaahhh - pour old lady.
  Political Spin My Ass
Yesterday I spent with a crowd of VERY POLITICAL SPIN SAVY people (not because Im even thinking a nano second about going into politics) to discuss various topics and exchange brain bandwidth and social/political standpoints. The part of the crowd who really understood and works in&around the diciplin where all sharp as razorblades and very nice actually. BUT IT SCARED ME TO HEAR HOW THE DANISH DEMOCRACY IS TOTALY CONTROLED BY SpinDoctors and intrigues etc... shit. And then I start thinking about how crazy it must be in BIG COUNTRIES :/
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
  Google Reader
I dont really like the Google reader - I find it "not easy/simple to use" - but I use this GPic video thing a lot Google Reader
Tuesday, May 02, 2006
  Building an army of robots
Photos: Im so much in Robot mode :)
  The Next 35 Sexiest designs
Interesting The Next 35 Sexiest Designed Websites You've Forgotten - I miss the design communty
Monday, May 01, 2006
  Whos good and Who is bad
I think its pretty annoing to get older - everyday things get more complicated since you know more. I loved when police was good and thiefs where in prison.
Sunday, April 30, 2006
  2.0 or Just Fashionable Evolution ?
Web business has a glimse of FASHION (people want new just to get new) - and for the smart (anti Yuppie) new generation of Startups (development companies) the initial cost of TAKING ON THE BIG ESTABLISHMENT IS VERY LOW. I have earlier been mentioning the Wunderkids from 37signals - with probably more users of their NO BRAINIER WEBSERVICES (not negative) in the SMB segment then Microsoft Business Solutions and for sure SAP. Not to mention who have +1,5mio B2B users on their people management ASP solution ;) - BRAVO BINGO - go home Mr. Selfish SuperEgo EllisonCopy

Im fallow a bit in love with the hyped guys at Shopify - who are smarter then the rest.
1) Shopify did a small friends and family round (Aug. 2005)
1A) - the founders don't take salary (love it !)
1AA) - that gives them 12 more months

2) - they use free software (
Ruby, bit too hyped though

3) - they play the buzz game better then even Mcculley Culkin in the early 90´ies. Even without launching (could backfire - but better the being stealth for life ;)
Saturday, April 29, 2006
  Online Video - Google Video
These clips: Octo Eats Shark and Ninja Monkey- is a good entertainment. Google Video is in my opinion a better service then the very hip and VC-topiced
Thursday, April 27, 2006
  Me an entrepreneur ?
Last week I found a dream house - it was VERY VERY nice. I had no doubt that I just HAD TO OWN it. The area is AMAZING - the house is cool - and well I had no clue what I wanted to do with it but - well make a place for all the guests we have at LundKenner and maybe a small apartment for Lisa ?

But but but - this project suddenly got to my stomach - I was dreaming about it / and had semi night mares.... Very strange since I normally cant feel stress - and I used to using more money on WAY MORE RISKY INVESTMENTS - and I deal with a lot of stuff I don't understand (maybe everything I do)... ;) So yesterday I had to use the escape clause at drop it - damn I feel good that I did it. But yet again my inner entrepreneur is standing there on my shoulder with a 3fork shouting: "Chicken Chicken Chicken... "
  Is this interesting ?
On The 4th of next month, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning,the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.That won't ever happen again in our lifetime. In fact it will be approx. 400 generations before it happens again. May the 4th be with you
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
  "Just couldnt get enough"
Some time I just dont understand succesfull people - This guys was probobly billionaire - father - loved by his suroundings - playing golf with Gates and invited to Davos... And then he needed that extra billion ?
Former CA chief Kumar pleads guilty to fraud.
Monday, April 24, 2006
  Our flashligth project - no words...
  Empathy - to little or too much
I hav eno clue if I have too much or too little Empathy - thats a paradox.
Sunday, April 23, 2006
  Smart, Clever or using a phone

Mr. Burkle said of his business philosophy: "You don't have to be smart. You just have to know enough to call someone who is smart." - afrom this interesting interview
Saturday, April 22, 2006
  IM = interesting media
Top IM Uses Among Teens Include:

To chat with family or friends: 92 percent
To gossip: 55 percent
To set up weekend or evening activities: 55 percent
To help or accept homework help from friends: 50 percent
To share photos: 47 percent
To play games with buddies: 46 percent
To flirt: 44 percent
To send celebratory wishes, such as Happy Birthday: 38 percent
To share files: 37 percent
To engage in social networking: 35 percent

Teen Interest in Future Features:

Live streaming television: 39 percent
Music on demand: 39 percent
Video on demand: 30 percent
PC to Phone VoIP calling: 24 percent
Phone to phone VOIP: 15 percent
The survey can be found at
Thursday, April 20, 2006
  Old school tagging

I admire Ecko - for being so spot on in the design - and I have to say that this viral movie is a masterpiece
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
  Small Viral Briallintees
This guy has my respeck - trying to trade upwards - starting with a Red PaperClip

And this guy who wnated a threesome with his wife :)
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
  Letter to my LundKenner Partners


Im all in this because I love to see a little or medium idea becomming a flying swan - and the journey to get there... Personally I know Im probobly one of the best in the world - actually I dont even doubt - but I also know how endlessly week I am after the first kiss/touch.. As soon as the pattern of the deal I have in my head is reality I loose a bit of interest - not 100% but I just start to see how I can get my next high from identifying a new thing - a new idea - a new team of poeple (or an old) - a new structure .... I cant even express how humble and happy I am to be in a setup like the one we already have (thats suposed to take years) - I see 4-5 people who will just give their left ball to make this happen - to make good companies and HIGH PROFITS FROM THE TIME and NETWORK and money we invest. Promise me guys that you jump this if you suddenly get another real interest in life. since what we are about to do is not about working halftime or fulltime - hey realise its LIFETIME. And if anyones doubts - Ive chosen to do this with first Soren and then ALL OF YOU GUYS - so lets fucking be agressive like NO ONE ELSE - and demanding. (When the inner Demand to yourself is SKYHIGH - then the souroundings gets it !). Dear valued partners - I cant wait to see where we will go.


I look at the stuff we have in our portefolio as an artcollection a carefully selected family - a part of me - that I want to be assosiated with. REALLY like a part of my personality - it BRANDS ME it is ME. BulLGuard ME - I am Maxthon - I am Wiseled - I tell people about it - and i act like I am Heleca.. Dear Partners if you have just a bit of emotions for any of the ventures we have - then dont hessitate to take all the hornor promote yourself for being part of it - BE FUCKING PROUD. Im proud of the team we have - really PROUD - and I cant wait to our next exit - where we can party and hug and be proud together - because we are in a DEEPLY RICKY business and failure is WAY MORE COMMON then SUCCES for our ventures - AND US. Dont start taking pills - but be realistic - this is extremely difycult and we will only survive if we BELIEVE IN IT AND STAY TOGETHER 100% for years.


I want us all to be humble as hell - and hornest like hell - and gentlemen - really gentlemen who hold the door for women and startups and talent. I have this fantastic picture in my head of someone who offered me ligth (when I was smoking) and 2nd time one evening someone did I was always just positive to them (no matter if I even liked them or talked to them)... More important we need a system to follow up on OPPERTUNITIES - or to be more frank - to reject......(taken out not to be copied)


I want to

a) Make my mother and my wife proud of me - and disapoint as few people as posible !I

b) I want to have FUN - FUN and I want people to respect LundKenner and respect (be impressed by) our achivements and our ability to handle risk - and time after time turn risktaking into being lucky.

- Thats it folk. Dunno why I wrote this :)
Thursday, April 13, 2006
  I wish I had more time
The I would spend 1/2 days a week with this guy and his company to develope Robots / first as toys then for jobs nobody should have 1) Parking guard 2) Cleaning in the "shit tunnels" under citys...

Since I have two pretty big financial service compnies now - I starting to get a bit into it - even though its hard - and a bit boring to me.
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
  Always Nice
How can Nike do such fantastic ads - year on year ? - god BrandManicure ;)
Sunday, April 09, 2006
  Google Video
Linus and I have a great time watching plane and helicaopter videos - good stuff from Google...
Saturday, April 08, 2006
  BullGuard exploding

Maybe its a sign or maybe Im just lucky as always to have the VERY BEST PEOPLE around me - but the fact is that BullGuard has nearly doubled revenue since I gave the CEO title and the stearing wheel Heini (CEO) and to Theis (my co-founder). The people in Denmark, Romainia, UK are absolutely kicking ass and Im proud like a father!!!
Im very proud to take part in this VERY INTERESTING company -> Spearcast who launched the Palora service. I really like the idea - and as always I go in with the best poeple - and Ive seen people as good as CEO Hannan
- the story is better told at Nets blog - Net actually did the connection - and is on hell of a dealmaker.
I moved my blog to

Location: Afghanistan
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