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Thursday, March 30, 2006
  How can anyone release this
This is the most insane Title for a pressrelease EVER - there is now lower standard.
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
  Job offer

Please email me of you are the mann for this - or PLEASE CONTACT ME. Reward for the rigth lead - 1000$.

UPDATE: Im not going into SEO - and all SEO refers to is - handling SEO terminologi. Real SEO dudes are bitchy ;)
  I Love Amsterdam

"stole" this from acl  - at 23hq
I really like the Dutch and Holland



Tuesday, March 28, 2006
  I get warnings

- but why should I suddenly get a focus - just becasuse some people in the outside world see me as somekind of a succes. I never had a focus - so how can I loose it ? ;)
  EMIL: Richs people r thiefs
My breakfast place friend Emil, a 65y old trader in nature painting - tells me - to my surprise: All Wealthy People Are Theifs. It scares me a lot - since I dont se nearly any of my wealthy friends as theifs. I only see Emil as old school - and bitchy - horny fool.
Monday, March 27, 2006
  New Blog Design
Im not really happy with it yet ( I think the top graphics is a bit to serious for mee)- but Im pretty sure that the HelloBrand guys will fix it soon...
Saturday, March 25, 2006
  My best deal ever
Today I structured one of the best deal I´ve ever done. And ts not only extremely potential in profis - IT A SOCIAL DEAL IN THE FINANCIAL WORLD. I met 3 guys trough a friend 7 months ago - and they are real scientists - but also very socially skilled. They have fumbled a bit and developed a lot - but been very very hornest. Today they (we) signed with a Swiss partner who will cover the company for the next 2 years - and move the guys down.. So why me so happy and proud: The deal was done via trust and handshake and everybody gave more then they promised - the scientists gave the new partner 2% extra shares just to show they where sirous - the Swiss dude just signed after skimming the termsheet.. UNREAL. Mark (Chief Practical Dealmaker at LundKenner) didnt even believe his own ears - no one was greedy - everyone was giving and humble. I LOVE IT - when there are no greedy asses bithing.
I was very fortunate to have dinner with the founders of Denmarks NUMBER ONE software succes ever (please comment if you think Im wrong). SaxoBank is is basicly a piece of financial trading software. These guys are brigth in the 10000 lumiere league.
Thursday, March 23, 2006
  Danny Rimmer fast again
The brilliant "suckers" didnt even come back on mail mail where I suggested to do something with them - Netvibes to Announce Seed Financing Today
  Looking for a job?
Tommy has a couple of openings - and I must say I know very few people I personally would like to work for - but one is Tommy (maybe the other one is Jack Welch - if he would put the "fire 10% just to show power every year" up his ass. Oh - sorry got carried away - here are they jobs:

Content Supervisor


(sorry for no english - baaa Tommy)
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
I think its about to be official that we are into Damai the LUXXX hotel in Bali.

Bali Hotels: TripAdvisor
We-Entrepreneurs - Events im speaking here. Copenhagen 6th of April. (I dont charge)

Umar Akram and Babar Baig - are founders of Mobile Weaver and a very sexy mobile content delivery solution. I invested quite some time ago - just because these guys have THE SPIRIT. Its no secret that they have had quite some problems - and I´ve been bad at helping out - BUT BUT BUT - these guys have chosen to pay back a loan to a close friend of mine who went in after me - and the have got their business back on track with 20guys in Pakistan and HARD WORK. DAMN IM IMPRESSED - and Im very sure they will get a VERY SOLID BUSINESS END THIS YEAR.

Gawker - Stalker - FUCKER
I have been following the Gawker dude pretty close since 2001 - and he has been pretty forefront - without being special. If he was a bear he would be a fancy Bud - nothing more. But inovative ( beyond my legeau ) within media. But now - he seemed to miss attention or money or both - and launched the STALKER service - where you can report via SMS where you saw a celeb - UGLY UGLY UGLY IDEA - like Gawkers own brain must be... (sorry I dont even wanna link.)
Monday, March 13, 2006
Patents are from hell
The whole BlackBerry patentcase has been petetic - and only an advantage for lawyers and greedy monkeys - probobly already loaded.
Just heard this insany story in the kithen - a small startups patents AJAX... INSANE.
Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bubble2.0 - underlined - buy instead of develop

Russ - has comment of the week - after Writely is sold to Google:

Alright! Weve got ourselves another winner! Congratulations to Writely - the latest winner in the Web 2.0 Acquisition Lottery! Sorry to all the other web-WYSIWYG editors out there for losing out on this time. DonÂ?t fret, however, another round for deals with AOL, MSN or Yahoo! will have begun today, IÂ?m sure.

Step right this way folks, you too can play! Dont delay!


PS. Its cool that OddPost and Toni did a Web2.0 sale 2years ago.
PPS. It gives great hope entrepreneursuers - but remember outthere - its not so easy - and you cant really sell a company - companies get bought.
Saturday, March 11, 2006
Thesis: Bloggers are Narcissists
Everyone (like me) who have a blog must be suffering from some kind of neo Narcissism - since they wanna publish their life and probobly use quite some time polishing thier egos and tracking how they perform. THEREFOR there must be quite a business oppertunity in make a nice and simple stat tool - that will be the MIRROR for bloggers to enjoy their impact. (Im far out here - but it was on my mind - so I had to dump it).

Performancing Alpha Site | Helping Bloggers Succeed will be very succesfull. Nick is a brigth nut.
I just got a new hero (or kind of - not in the Bono league) Y Combinator

UPDATE: I will buy a nice small building in Copenhagen and copy the concept. - well if Mr. Kennner will agree off course :)
In love with life.
Yesterday I spend at home with the kids (plus one of Lauras kindergarten friends) - having 3 meetings at home with partners and friends during the day - and 2 meetings out of the house in the late afternoon. I cant even express how extremely lucky and happy I feel when everything seems to FIT: Family, Friends, Work, Bizz and Mentalhealth. Im NOT stating that Im mentally healthy - my ambitions and extreme eager to do business ventures - has been categorized by my psychologist as: Pure Out of Controle Gambling obsession ;). But darn - Im happy to have not big difference between the different aspects of life. Maybe Im also even more happy - since I see good traction in my endless amount of crazy projects.

Dear valued reader: ;) - enjoy the weekend
Friday, March 10, 2006
This guy is crazy - and lives very well from it.
Link Mikkel deMib Svendsen

Mr. Ikea rocks !
Forbes-toppen - so rich is he from the sucks ass swedish site DagensPS.
Funny thing is that yesterday I had lunch with Richard Bunck - the overne of Danmarks biggest distribution company and a national free sunday paper - who had stories about Mr. Ikea (Kamrad) 20 years ago - calling him on sundays to check ho the distribution of the Ikea catalog in Denmark went ;).
Lesson: We all start from scratch - and tis guy has become number 4 rich globally - in a EXTREMELY comptitive market - just by being HARDWORKING and STREETSMART.
Thursday, March 09, 2006
JAJAH - web activated telephony interesting Voip play - or should I say connection play. Problem: Idont remember any numbers... (via take off phenomenon.
Spoke at a Incubator Conference today. '
Veri nice vide - openminded and way less stupid then a had expected. Actually very to the bone - only Swedish link

Interesting O'Reilly Radar > Entrepreneurial Proverbs -> just do it - stay realistic - say sorry - and trust your luck :)
Suddenly everything has a Skype flavour
Evaluations of small ideas are back at DOT COM HEY DAY LEVELS - and everything seems to have a Skype flabour these days - at least for the press
Skype Funders Back AllPeers
Monday, March 06, 2006
Why didn´t I hear about this one until knoe ?The Corporation : Film

I think about this triangle every day
What the fuck is happening - why can Apple go an be in all cornersat the same time - when samsung cant? - where is the whole banking sector gonna go ? Will Kodak survive ? Telcos are still insanely evaluated even though OIP is eating their les and arms (foreign minutes) ? Will eCommerce B2C and even B2SMB change 100% ? Who will win the in the dying Automotive industry (imagine the iPod of Cars) - could there be a future for public transport ?? Darnn - I wanna be into those things that will change - but I have no clue ;) - so conclusion: Morten you have to keep shooting - like a John Wayne with a brand new Winchester.

PS. I will NEVER go into weapons.
Sunday, March 05, 2006
Lunis quiting the pasifiers

Yesterday we all went to the "Passifier tree" - where Linus said goodbye to his beloved paifiers. Crazy tradition - but seems to work (we only had to give him once this afternoon). (For the non parents: Kids gets? VERY BAD teeth postiiton from using pasifiers and therefor they must be stopped)

more photos from mortenlund

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A top VC
I just got this Red Herring article - The Vorlds hottest PC? - about Asad from ePlanet. This guy is very cool and Im very sure he hasent done hes last big kill. All though I have to say that my biggest VC HERO will stay Tim Draper - tMr. Tricker finger - with asecond to none good nose for business. Not only because of Hotmail, Skype... More because of all his small private deals like Oddpost and eFriendsNet.
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Skiing downhill - going maybe too fast
Im getting a little afraid of the speed at LundKenner - my new venture. Well I hevent really released anything on yet / but yesterday I did change my email adress from BullGuard to LundKenner. And just after pleying (working with Soren Kenner) for only 5 months - get this feeling that the speed migth be a bit to agressive: BullGuard skyrocking, Maxthon hitting 50mio downloads, Play65 kicking ass, Gekko going bulistic, IIP, Haleca, Aresa going public.... Opening in Amsterdam, tel Aviv, Delhi, Beijing and soon Rio and hopefully Russia.... Mummmmmy Im not sure I know how to controle the skies.

Well it simple - not easy.

Sorry to waite your time - dear valued reader - with my worries.
(from Amsterdam)
I moved my blog to

Location: Afghanistan
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