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Sunday, December 30, 2001
OK - many people HATE Microsoft - just because they are big. BUT Real seems too be more stupid - then it should be allowed to be. The procedure to get their brand new designer PLAYER - Real One - is complicated - and tricky - just to make people pay - NASTY Abe’s. A lot of big broadcasters use REAL - just because they once where cool - and now the users are trapped - BAD BAD BAD.
Nils Normann - a funny old man

Being home alone - it's fun to visit people - whom I normally se with my wife. Nils is OLD, WISE and KIND. And for the first time - after moving away form my mother 12 years ago - I was odered to bed :) by Nils' wife Stine - when she came home and found us "pretty well off". v|i|d|e|o

It's was OK since she need to fisnish a HUGE PROJECT AT UNIVERSITY ;)
Saturday, December 29, 2001
I work on a big projekt - in the 802.11 area - and this page suffers :(
Tuesday, December 25, 2001
The readers of this selvreflecting and selfconficence packed website - will from TODAY (SE SCREENDUMP) - be aflected by VERY BAD SPELLING. Since the spellchecker in is now closed. Everything is closing these days - and I would start making PayServices NOW - if i had the skills - THIS IS THE RIGTH TIME (Lisa Stansfield 1989 - I have the MP3 - but chicken me does not dare to link :) !!
Maritn Thorborg

Ever since I was 6 - I've loved the idea of other people becoming like me - or me becoming like them - so that we could do stuff together (DAMN I'm simpleminded). And I felt that same thing - when I read my mail this morning. Martin has been on his knees in Vegas - and Camilla did luckily wanted to give it a try :)
CONCLUSION - WEDDING today in Vegas - and "kids within time" and "couple-dinners, with me getting to drunk to early :)."
Sunday, December 23, 2001

Now I've tried it - and it's here. But I'm 10000% convinced that 802.11 will kill that hyped piece of shit - SORRY for getting emotional. You can read 1000's of articles about the coExisting and Bluetooth and 802.11 - but we don't need something with short range and lack of standards :)

Well I have to admit it - I'm 1000% into all that wireless stuf. I even dream wireless - wow think about it - maybe someday telepathicly we can get visitors - when somebody encrypt the signals in between the nerves. WELL IT WILL NOT BE IN MY LIFE - but anyway. I Copenhagen airport - they have setup a wireless network - and you can just PLUG IN YOUR 802.11 Wireles pcmcia card - and turn on your computer - and the stuff will work - S:M:A:R:T ! It's gonna be ALL OVER !

Is he my secret twin ? - Shaves bad, Positive like hell, loves selling, choppy, concept SKILLED, good at BizzChilling, low key in dressing - allway's ready with a comment to everything - SELF CONFIDENCE like an Italian LoverBoy - COULD BE ME - but this description is Henrik

Flashy TripleDash website
WoW - I thought I was into many things - but it seamed that I meet a guy with 10 times the projects - and 3 kids - WOW-ooow. Karen and Mike has started the project - and I think I'll get to work with then in the near future - somehow.
PROVU - Ian G / Peter B

These - at the same time very English and Very European guys - who I met - trough an e-mail. Took me out
to HUSH a nice restaurant - and we had a very interesting conversation. Peter Bryant has a CV. that makes me look like a rookie or a scout :) The Provu.Co.Uk website sucks - but that doesn't affect the product.
LONDON - damn nice & cold -
I really like London - thing move fast - and even though people are "castwhite" and skinny, living from fat breakfasts :) - they are so damn nice - and I LOVE THE ACCENT & THE HUMOR. They are also use to work hard - like Danes - conclusion: I have more in common with British people - then my Scandinavian cousins.
Wednesday, December 19, 2001
My friend Lars nfrom Dell dropped by
Well I have never ever - even tried to understand it. Jacob Wolff has been praising it since I met him - and even running around in forests (28y old) - acting like he was a holy warrior.. I'm sure that it's a part of my miseducation - being SO FARMER like - having no real intellectual’s family members. And off course - I DONT REGRET - since I think I would have looked stupid in a "BRYNJE" in a forest in Silkeborg ;) But I must see the movie - Morten Wittrock - just logged on to messenger - after seeing the Premier LOR show in Copenhagen 00:15 - and this cynical guy - was totally astonished
Sunday, December 16, 2001
Nice Nice time spent with the Kids

After a weekend with only one meeting - and just relaxing with the Kids - laughing and having fun - I feel ReBOOT'et. An extremely nice thing to do - is walking 10km with Laura - and explore the Østerbro and Hellerup area.
PICTURES fotoA | fotoB | fotoC | fotoD | fotoE
WallPaper 1 | WallPaper 2 1400x1050
Wednesday, December 12, 2001
Holy SHIT - XP on Apple Powerbook G4 !!!!!!

watch the video here
Janus has this slim beautiful shiny - Apple thing - and I really like it - ITS ONLY ABOUT LOOKS. I'm the only semiNERD (that I know of) who have never had an Apple - but now I can get XP on it - and will truly consider to go the Apple way.(It emulates a Pentium processor - BRILLIANT).
Monday, December 10, 2001
Maybe I'm still on Fontex - I meet only interesting poeple - and have a friend who really understands me. Mik gave me a book about Kierkegaard
Sunday, December 09, 2001

I've bought a waterboiler from KRUPS - and know it hat been burning my finger 5 times, I have blisters on my fingers - AND THAT SUCKS !!! And then they have NO E-MAIL on their website - they try to get away with having a stupid form.

A visit at PETREA's place
Here are the first picture of Jabob and Line's little adorable daugter PETREA.
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Friday, December 07, 2001
I keep bumping into extremely interesting people - damn'ice.
Today Johannes (just bankrupt with his company) - but like the true startupper he is - he just keeps on moving on - KOOL.

Jakob Thomsen, NetGruop
Flemming Harvad, Orinoco

And YES - you guessed it - IT's ALL ABOUT 802.11 (Wireless internet)
WOW United Spaces is TRULY NICE - 80211 RULES
This morning I couldn't get at the office - so I turned on the LAPTOP outside - trough 80211 - se for yourself.

this post was created in
3min 22 sek (incl. Video) - thank U

Yesterday was strange - there is soo much to do - so many project - but yesterday nothing happened - even though I had some great visions/concept in specific field. But then at 17:00 I decided to go for a glass of wine with a business associate - and WOW that was nice. I must recommend Le Sommelier - a french wine-restaurant !!
Thursday, December 06, 2001

6years ago I would never had thought of live as more cool with a profession a wife and kids - I always thought that the simple student/startup life I had - was the perfect way to do things. And exect from drinking ALL Brains out EVERYWEEKEND - IT'S WAS NOT THAT UNHEALTHY. But suddenly - I've realized that the more parts and life one is into - the more interesting it all gets :) - enough..
Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Somehow I've started to work with Janus from Kazaa - and that's great fun. Like it will always be when you have 25mill users - and growing. - if you don’t know it LOOK HERE scroll down to most popular - background. Janus & Niklas - the founders - seem effective like HELL - and even though there are SEVEREL LAWSUITS... I make them fly even higher...


I'm not blind - I can see that there are curtain BIG problems with this FREE DISTRIBUTION of digital rights - but my interest for this product is widely in the technology - it's PIER TO PIER (computer to computer) - and it mean that Kazaa is a monster that can not be killed - even though authorities will DEMAND THEM TO TURN OFF THEIR SERVERS. Latest NEW version1.4 is also making the install procedure distributed. Which means that when you down load the installation you only get a 140k file - and then the rest is picked up from the network of user FUCKING BRILLIANT/GENIOUS/SUPERB... proofed here ...
THE OLD BOYS NETWORK - am I becomming a member
Just had i nice meeting with Mr. Meyer - the most casual / VeryCool / Down to earth ITmillionere - wow I wanna be like him some day.

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

I'm thinking and thinking - trying to find the perfect business model for THIS WIRELESS INTERNET - I'm moving into that fiels now. It will be making changes bigger then the revolution of the mobile phone - Information’s are ALWAYS there - always communicating - in 2D - seem to be a fact in Urban AREAS - from NOW. Well it might sound very funny - but even one of my big IDOLS (Kevin Kelly) seem to believe my thoughts - read mails:

The 802.11 Movement will be telling people to share their DSL connection ( like) trough a fair Prices AccesPoint. This wireless network kills (by evolution) all debate about last mile - and can also Kill the digital divide - since the Palms/Handheld PC within time will become Ipphones - and 3G network will be dead before it's started. WELL THIS IS COMPRESSED INFO ;)
802.11b is 11Mb wireless your - Mac has it :)
802.11a is 52Mb wireless JUST RELEASED by Intel ( see ) - it's a true revolution but nobody pays attention :) - maybe the kids are so broke - that they even can't pay attention.

I believe all this.
Niels, Stine, Lars and Rosa - Saturday was really nice, my wife makes food like she was a Michelin book, and we had such a nice and intense part bullshit part surreal conversation about all kinds of life matters - mostly defining the myths of TRANTRA SEX :) FUN - Niels (founder of Dobermann and GOOD LOOKING )

is such a funny and different guy - extremely well-informed and "be-redden" - but his also the single person I know with the strangest habits, such as mumbling - having sarcastic ironic humor - and never the less puts his stinking socks on the table in front on the hostess - while turning his back at her - at parties - and stealing 90% of all airtime - I LOVE IT - I seldom laugh that much. Rosa and Lars seem’s to be very happy - never seen Lars so happy - and Rosa is a true party Maker - Lucky Me - the we know those people.

We agreed on going to Bali Damai - on the 17th of january - I LOOK SO MUCH forward
OOPS I DID IT AGAIN - read a book
Velfærdyngel by Ole Schouenborg

I normally don’t read book's - it's become a whole part of understating my self - just a bit - like I always say in public (and maybe it true) that i have a VERY SMALL PENIS. It's kind og funny to be with VERY CLEAVER PEOPLE - and see their reaction - after a long discussion/debate about IT/Social politics/ Welfare/ Economics... And when they suddenly want to be intellectual - and test me - I always just tell that I don’t read book. It gives some people a really hard time - and maybe me to :) ENOUGH SAID. I read this VERY GOOD BOOK - .. It's is about the new generation of parents - and all the strange thing one starts doing and thinking - anco a little WONDERFULL BABY POPS OUT.
Sunday, December 02, 2001
WoW daily life is moving with the speed of ligth.

Friday: I moved into - this SUPERCOOL PLACE - and meet all the people there - Definitely Friendly - and really on the STARTUP beat - bigtime. Tore and Rikke - showed an extreme kind of hospitality - that I haven’t tried before - really nice. And I can tell from being there on day - that there is an atmosphere and "unite" - which can be both extremely cool - and/or a little too much ? Let's see.

In the evening i wen't with Hlin, Lars and Rosa - to Delicatessen (nice joint !) - where we had tapas - and some kind of a lot of drinks. Afterwards we went to Philip Lau and Maj Juni party a Vesterbrogade - I really liked it - but Hlin and Rosa thought that it was too much of a youth party (maybe thats what I liked?) Afterward we went to the ULTIMAE COPENHAGEN GROUNDED BUT CELEBERTY PARTY very funny VERY. Also funny that the location was the old Reboot building - a truly cool project that crashed...

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